About Us

Himalayan Lungta Trek is a team of travel enthusiasts, who leads you to the different parts of the Himalayas that are God gifted and fully blessed. We have the expertise in the field, about the trip concerns, risks, acclimatization, and your safety. As an experienced trekking operator in Nepal, we customize every trek according to your budget and preferred itinerary so that you will enjoy your every moment eternally. The best part of booking trips with our company is we combine them with the spiritual experience like the one that you get from the prayer flags. 

We are Different

Yes. We are different than other companies, who only focus on Himalayan trips. But, we always mix them with the spirituality that offers you good vibes and positivity for the lifetime. Taking you to the monasteries, participating you in the prayers along with hanging the prayer flags will be the best experience for you. 

Government Authorized Local Company

Planning your Nepal holidays with us is being secured about the payment you will make. Himalayan Lungta Trek is a government authorized company in Nepal, licensed by the tourism department as well as various governmental institutions. 

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism along with ethics in it is what we emphasize upon. We always act to protect the environment and always dispatch the garbage in a proper place. We only leave our footmarks on the Himalayas and respect local culture and lifestyles. We do not leave a chance to worship in the monasteries and release the stress for positivity. 

Your Safety, Our Priority

The reason why we are getting so popular is our high priority for your safety. Our field staffs are fully trained about how to deal with the challenges that may arise during the trekking. They will be always equipped with the first-aid materials, have expertise about the risk of altitude sickness and various other issues on the trek. Enjoy the Safe and hygienic trip with us to make your trip delightful. 

Best Price and Customized Packages 

We let you choose while planning your trekking and tour packages in Nepal. We have fixed itineraries of the trips, which can be customized to your requirement and budget. It makes you feel better and get personalized packages. We fully assure you that we offer you the best price for any trips that are specified by you. Customization especially combines the Himalayan experience with the cultural parts and lifestyles.

Up-to-Date Assistance

We are ready to assist you 24/7 right from the planning level. We are easy to support you about the required information and during the trekking hours. We respond quickly and act promptly to any problems of the field. 

Discount Offers

With Himalayan Lungta Trek, you will get discount offers on some occasions like New Year, main festival time, and offseason. But, our mission will be always offering you the best Himalayan experience with the spiritual feelings that give you motivation for the rest of your life.