Bardia National Park


The Bardiya National Park also spelled Bardiais a protected area that was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park covering an area of 968 is the largest and most undisturbed national park in Terai adjoining the eastern bank of the Karnali River and bisected by the Babai River in the Bardiya District. Natural boundaries to human settlements are formed in the west by the Geruwa, a branch of the Karnali River, and in the southeast by the Babai River. The park has been expanded to become one of the finest national park in Nepal providing home to Endangered species such as Rhinoceros, Wild elephant, Tiger, Swamp deer, Gharial crocodile, Gangeticdolphin, Bengal florican and the Sarus crane. This park has also provides the wonderful scenic beauty due to dense forests, savannah and riverine woodlands with varieties of flora and fauna.

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