Bunjee jump in Bhote Koshi 

The first bungee jumping site in Nepal lying at the border of Nepal and Tibet is situated over 500ft (160m) in the wildest Bhote Koshi river. The destinations is easily accessible from Kathmandu and provides the most thrilling and adventurous sports of all times. The highly experienced consultants guide the jump without any casualties and the jump will give the chills down the spines as it is the longest free fall in the whole world.

Bunjee jump in Pokhara

It is the second bungee jumping site in Nepal which has been recently opened for both local and tourists. This bungee destination is near the Tibetan Refugee camp in Pokhara and it is the highest water touch bungee jump in the world. The jumpers can plunge from a height of 70 meters over an artificial pond and a boat picks them up after completing the jump and helpers unharness them. Now the adventurers can enjoy both bungee jump along with other activities in Pokhara alone.